OK, put your hand up if you can remember making lemonade as a kid.  Me!  Me!  Me!  During those lovely, long, lazy summer holidays I know I always enjoyed making several large jugs of lemonade, then setting up a little lemonade stand out the front of my house and trying to sell my yummy home-made lemonade by the glass to all the neighbors passing by, friends and even to my own family!  Just reminiscing about those times brings a smile to my face – I had so much fun!  I can’t say that I managed to make a fortune doing it, nor did my early foray into the retail sector stand me in particularly good stead in the long term, but I always had such a great time and what’s more – the lemonade always tasted wonderful!

Do you know what?  Making lemonade is STILL so much fun and ever so easy to do.  And although your friends and family probably won’t pay you twenty cents a glass, they’ll probably pay you lots of compliments!

Here at www.lemonaderecipe.net we aim to give you a variety of delicious and thoroughly tested lemonade recipes.  We might even have one that’s for “adults only”…!  Whichever recipe you choose, there is no doubt that home-made lemonade is a fantastic addition to any social event, luncheon, barbecue or get-together with family and friends.  And you can keep a jug in the refrigerator for when the kids (both small and large!) get home from school or work.

Did your Grandma make lemonade for your Mom?  And what about your Mom – did she make lemonade for you when you were little?  Don’t let the tradition fade away!  Some of the greatest family traditions have come out of the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers, so choose a recipe from our site and make some lemonade – and childhood memories – with your own children today!